Cosmic Pioneers

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Type: Area Control
Players: 2-4
Time: 30-45 min
Age: 7+
Publisher: Vesuvius Media


Cosmic Pioneers is a Sci-fi board game for 2 to 4 players. It is an area control game where players try to control planets vs the other players and of course vs aliens. Each player starts with a ship and a different commander (with a unique ability). By upgrading the ship players try to control as more as possible planets using Colonists. However the planets are already habitable by aliens that wish not share their home planet.

The winner of the game is the one who will have most victory points at the end of the game. Explore the new system, colonize its planets, upgrade your ship, and exterminate your opponents!

Are you ready Captain?


1 x Rulebook
1 x Hive flyer with Serial Number
27 x Hexagons
4 x Commanders
1 x Punch board
10 x Scenario Cards
25 x Alien Cards (5 per alien)
4 x Colony Ship Miniatures
4 x Black Bases (for the Colony Ships)
1 x Custom White Dice (Combat Die)
1 x Black Dice
60 x Wooden cubes (4 colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. 15 per color)
17 x Black Wooden Cubes
15 x Green Alien Meeples
15 x Blue Alien Meeples
7 x Red Alien Meeple
7 x Yellow Alien Meeple
7 x Black Alien Meeple
General Discussion
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New Rulebook v1.2 by Kevorque2016-11-01 19:59:48 by Kevorque
FAQ by JakeClancey2016-09-19 13:16:25 by Kevorque
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Scenarios & Variations
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4X Variation by Kevorque2016-06-05 04:31:01 by Kevorque
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Rule Clarifications
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Missing Serial number by Pelldom2016-09-22 02:54:30 by Kevorque
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Core Rule Book v1.2 (English)
by Vesuvius Media  [2016-11-01 19:57:40]
Core Rule Book (Chinese)
by Snoopy  [2016-06-22 01:11:46]
Core Rule Book (Czech)
by Tomáš Hubka  [2016-06-22 01:08:33]
Core Rule Book (French)
by Joshua Roberts  [2016-07-12 20:35:39]
Core Rule Book v1.1 (German)
by Vesuvius Media  [2016-10-25 15:28:50]

Scenarios & Variations

Designer's Pack
[2016-06-06 13:07:22]
Centauri Pioneers
by Alainto  [2016-11-08 23:38:20]


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